WIDILMA is a new band created in Brittany in 2020. The music of Widilma is inspired by historical and esoteric elements of North West Europe, inscriptions on stones, oghams, fragments of texts, triads and druidic verse, in particular by the people who were named "Pretanic" ("The Painted Ones"), a Celtic people... 

Despite significant research, the process is above all imaginary :

Widilma uses the proto-historical or historical elements and re-interprets them in its own way.

Likewise, Widilma uses free re-creations of "primitive" instruments such as the Carnyx, the Dord (horn), the lyra, and also incorporates the organic sounds of stones, bones, trees , seashell and their own field recordings, as well as contemporary instruments in their music.

Widilma's stage performance is totally original :  a visual and sound trance, an immersion close to a film experience. 

Michèle Gaurin- Vocals, Percussion

Konan Mevel  - Carnyx, dord, pibgorn, lyra, percussion


Gurvan Mevel - Percussion

and guests....